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Nowadays, the vision of a new man (citizen-subject) and a new society is propagated, in which the collective is sought to value, and the individual is valued, as well as equality, justice considered as rights that need to be exercised at the same time. from school.

For any change to happen in the school, it needs to be based on another model where democracy, the autonomy of educational establishments, both administrative, financial and pedagogical, are guaranteed, where there can be free organization of the segments of the school community and participation of the various actors in the educational process in decisions through collegiate bodies that act in a transparent and decentralized manner, with efficiency in the use of resources in the daily life of the school.

The course was designed to meet the need for training of specialists and consequently the demands expressed in LDB, therefore it aims at the qualification of Educational Managers, Pedagogical Coordinators and Teachers, for the different fields of activity, such as: pedagogical coordination in schools, management of schools and educational systems.

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