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We are a family owned and operated business.

It is understood that the practical activities in the different areas will allow the enrichment of curricula and experiences in the various spheres of the educational field, based on the definition of the political and pedagogical project that has as its basis the questions “why, for what and for whom” we work in education, with the objective of providing the student of the Pedagogy Course with the development of critical sense, the investigative spirit, creativity, from the contact with the daily life of schools and with experienced teachers and gives the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge built on throughout the course.

The Pedagogy course enables training in an interdisciplinary dimension through collective, supportive and interactive work. The training process emphasizes research, thus contributing to the generation and construction of knowledge involving the dimensions of teaching, research and extension.

Based on the areas of activity provided for in the Curriculum Guidelines, the Pedagogy course is based on the following principles:

  • Articulation between theory and practice;

  • Technical competence combined with social commitment;

  • Articulation between the different spheres of training and praxis;

  • View of the student as an active subject in the process of construction and reconstruction of knowledge;

  • Interdisciplinarity and contextualization and

  • Flexibility.

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