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Discipline: Scientific Research Methodology - Hours: 60 hours.

Menu: Concept of Research: Reading and analysis of text and bibliographic research. Understanding the logical and practical research process. The various classifications of the research; Adequate research tools; How to formulate problems; Build hypotheses; How to prepare a research project. Methodological path of the research: Forms of scientific work - guidelines for the elaboration of a monograph.


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Philosophy, Epistemology and Education - Hours: 40 hours.

Menu : Historical introduction to the philosophy of science. The Epistemology of Human Sciences and the understanding of the educational phenomenon. Political philosophies, Democracy. Forms of expression of contemporary culture. Levels of knowledge and their knowledge. The Brazilian exercise of philosophy. Knowledge theory and practice.


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Higher Education Didactics - Hours: 60 h

Menu: The purpose of the University, limits and perspectives. Higher education in the new millennium. Teaching activity in teaching, research and extension. Interdisciplinarity and higher teaching. Planning and organization of teaching competence practice, pedagogical matrices of teaching. Reflective teacher and collaborative research.


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Educational Assessment - Hours: 40 hours

Menu: Trajectory of learning assessment: quantitative and qualitative approaches; Theoretical assumptions and the emancipatory evaluation paradigm: A constructive and critical practice. Measurement and evaluation. Dialogic evaluation; stages, content and form of evaluation. Pedagogical assessment and practice. How to build knowledge from error. The role of error in learning. Characteristics of investigative evaluation. Institutional assessment and change.


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Educational Psychology - Hours: 40 hours

Menu: Theories and psychological systems: behaviorism, gestaltism, humanistic psychology, constructivism and psychoanalysis. Human development: Wallon, Vygotsky, Piaget.

Disturbances in the different stages of human development. Learning Theories and Learning Disabilities.


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Technology and Pedagogical Innovations - Hours: 40 hours

Menu: Conception of educational technology. Paper.


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Public Policies and School Management - Hours: 40 hours

Menu: public policies for education. Challenges of inclusion, youth and adult education, early childhood education and school evaluation. School Management Models. Shared Educational Management; Democratic management under construction.

Basic bibliography:

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Educational Planning - Hours: 40 hours

Menu: Planning and planning conception in the development of pedagogical actions. Relationship, planning and teaching strategies. Pedagogy of teaching projects and strategies. Pedagogy of interdisciplinary projects. Learning strategies. Pedagogical Political Project.

Basic bibliography:

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Teaching Practice - Hours: 40 hours

Menu: Educational practices in higher education; Knowledge-building process dialectical approach; Didactic projects in higher education; teaching research. Analysis of pedagogical practices.


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