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The III MULTICULTURAL WEEK-EDUCATION AND DIVERSITY was held on 05, 06 and 07/07 at the Federal Institute of Maranhão (IFMA), Campus Coelho.

The event aimed to disseminate research, extension and culture activities carried out by high school, undergraduate and graduate students (Lato sensu and stricto sense), from various educational institutions, as well as professors and researchers and of the community in general, in order to foster research, extension and culture in the State of Maranhão, especially in the City of Coelho Neto.

IES 'participation took place effectively through the presentation of an experience report entitled “Art, culture and identity for ethnic-racial diversity” (Francisca Jacira Freire de Sousa Bastos - Professor at the Faculty of Baixo Parnaíba (FAP) - Degree in History, Specialist in Human Sciences, Master in Human Development).

After submission and selection, the work was adapted to EIXO 1 - Afro-Brazilian History and Culture.

Afro History and Culture in Brazil has gained, in official education, a prominent place, which is also due to the creation of Law nº 10.639 of January 2003, which instituted the mandatory nature of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture in the official curriculum of the education networks. Such Law has as its main objective to provide a dialogue on the teaching of African History and Black Culture. In addition to laws, governments invest in policies to affirm black identity. In this way, we consider it healthy to establish a space for dialogue and exchange of research experiences and extension actions that encompass the themes: Afrodescendence, black women and violence, social affirmation policies aimed at black people in Brazil.

FAP's participation in the 3rd Multicultural Week - Education and Diversity, is yet another example of the works that are developed at our institution.

On the morning of 07/07, he held the exhibition of scientific works, distributed in six rooms according to the Axes. In room five I made my presentation, as well as ten other researchers. I want to highlight here the joy I felt when I was welcomed by the IFMA Pedagogue - Campus Coelho Neto, Antônia Gonçalves dos Santos, a graduate of FAP and congratulate the entire organization team of this event.

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