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Provide theoretical and methodological bases for teaching in higher education, linked to the production of knowledge, which is developed through the relationship between scientific research and teaching practice;


  • Provide the teacher with information for a critical analysis of the historical contradictions constructed regarding national, regional and local education;

  • Develop the pedagogical knowledge necessary for teaching practice, the competencies and skills that constitute the basis of teacher education, enabling a broad and conscious understanding of the institutional pedagogical phenomenon and the characteristics of the learning development process, as a way of creating conditions for the formation of citizens ;

  • Provide educators with spaces for reflection on pedagogical practice and social commitment;

  • Make it possible to go deeper into the knowledge of learning difficulties and their implications in the classroom;

  • Develop research based on theoretical and practical elements related to teaching and learning issues;

  • Understand the processes of constitution of teaching know-how, through the articulation of initial and continuing training.

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