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The Bachelor's Degree in Accounting Sciences, in the pedagogical process of training its professionals, should develop a set of skills and ensure the mastery of contents that are articulated for the formation of a certain profile of the graduate. It is the skills developed based on certain contents that will configure the profile of the desired professional, guaranteeing the identity of the professional category.

Its performance consists of the ability to develop, analyze and implement accounting information and management control systems, exercising ethically the attributions and prerogatives provided for by the current legislation. Therefore, it must use logical reasoning to analyze and solve problems, the preparation of business reports of an economic and financial nature; to assimilate new information and technologies, and present intellectual flexibility and adaptability in dealing with different situations, present or emerging in the various segments of the field.

Today's society requires a professional who is aware of his responsibilities, aiming to obtain fundamental knowledge for a collective and articulated work with different areas of knowledge and, with other professionals, showing the mastery of inter and multidisciplinary skills and competences, adequate to the changes and requirements of science and technology.

In this sense, for the consolidation of this Accountant profile, the course aims to train its professionals, qualified and with professional ethics for the world of work, with a view to improving the processes of data collection, generation and dissemination of accounting information.

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