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The technologist in Sports and Leisure Management graduated from this HEI will be able to plan, organize, promote, direct, raise funds, coordinate, execute and manage policies, programs, projects and sports and leisure events, in addition to having an investigative, entrepreneurial, and positively interfere in the sport and leisure spaces of a city, operating in both public and private institutions. The skills needed for this professional, developed through the training proposed by the Higher Technology Course in Sports and Leisure Management are:

  • Knowledge of the specificities of the management of spaces and projects that involve social, cultural, tourist, leisure and sports activities, using laws of incentive and sustainable development;

  • The mastery of the mechanisms for the elaboration of management projects, in the area of sport and leisure;

  • Mastery of fundraising planning to make these projects feasible;

  • The mastery of sports and leisure marketing strategies;

  • Entrepreneurial capacity;

  • Investigative capacity regarding the use of free time by individuals.

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