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The FAP Academic Research, with semiannual periodicity, aims to disseminate unpublished works by teachers, students and researchers in the form of original articles in the areas of Education, Culture, Society and Public Policies. Papers written in Portuguese, English or Spanish are accepted, which must be sent in doc or docx format exclusively by e-mail. There is no charge for processing and publication. And any activity developed is voluntary.


FAP Ac. Res. (Chapadinha) vol.1 n ° 1 Chapadinha Jan / Jun. 2015



Cláudio Gonçalves da Silva, Regina Julia Almeida

Claudio Gonçalves da Silva; Priscylla Borges de Castro

Elisa Maria Andrade Brisola; Francinalda Araújo e Silva

Maria Auridéia Moraes Ximendes; Radson Ferreira do Vale

Djavane de Jesus Bastos Silva; Deusanira de Jesus Bastos Silva; Valdecleide Marques da Costa; Cláudia Gonçalves da Silva

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We are a family owned and operated business.

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