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The quality of teaching, established in the theory-practice relationship, permeates the Pedagogical Project of the Higher Course in Technology in Sports and Leisure Management offered by IES. The completion of the course will be carried out through theoretical and practical activities, internships, technical visits, and appropriate methodological and technical instrumentalization, guaranteeing problematizing and contextualized teaching, which ensures the inseparability between theory and practice, in addition to providing a solid and broad training. , through activities that lead the student to seek, interpret and analyze information, in a critical, ethical way, and based on technical and humanistic knowledge. In this way, the course contributes to the development of a more integral perception of their future performance, as a professional and citizen.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The course has the following assumptions:

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Contemplate the requirements of the professional profile of Sports and Leisure Management, considering the identification of current problems and needs and the perspectives of society, as well as the current legislation;

  • Ensure a solid interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary training, and adequate technical and methodological tools;

  • Encourage curricular flexibility, in order to contemplate specific interests and needs of students and the world of work;

  • Encourage other curricular and extracurricular training activities, such as, for example: internships, social projects, monitoring, extension and scientific initiation activities, reinforcements, among other activities deemed pertinent, to your professional practice.

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