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Created by the Federal Government in 2004, the University for All Program (ProUni) is a program of the Ministry of Education (MEC) that offers scholarships in private higher education institutions - in undergraduate courses - to Brazilian students who do not yet have the higher level diploma.

Who can participate?

- Students graduating from public high school or private school as full scholarship holders at the school.

- Students with disabilities.

- Teachers from the public school system, in the effective exercise of the teaching of basic education, members of the permanent staff of a public institution. In this case, it is not necessary to prove income.

To apply for full scholarships, the applicant must prove gross monthly family income, per person, of up to one and a half minimum wages. For partial scholarships (50%), the gross monthly family income must be up to three minimum wages per person.

How to participate?

On the ProUni website, the candidate can search the institutions and courses participating in the program. Upon enrollment, the student chooses the scholarship modality and up to two higher education institutions, courses and shifts among the available options, according to their profile.

Successful candidates will be included in ProUni, with the issuance of the respective Scholarship Award Term.

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0800 616161 - Call Center of the Ministry of Education.

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