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We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Student Financing program of the Faculty of Baixo Parnaíba (FESFAP) created by the Faculty of Baixo Parnaíba (FAP) aims to assist the student in the payment of the course he / she wishes to attend at this Higher Education Institution (HEI), by means of installments through financing. Institution's own.


We are a family owned and operated business.

The objective of the FESFAP program is to meet the criteria, enable access, in an easier way to pay for Higher Education, through adherence to this program, caused by the acquisition of the educational services provided by the Institution, meeting the prerequisites established in the RESOLUTION CONSENS / FAP No. 401/2018 OF AUGUST 9, 2018.


We are a family owned and operated business.

In order for FESFAP to exist, it will be necessary for the Faculty of Baixo Parnaíba (FAP) to maintain adherence to this program with its Maintainer CENTRO REGIONAL DE ENERGIA SUPERIOR ARNO KREUTZ LTDA (CRESU).

The Program is structured with the link between the Institution and its CRESU Maintainer, in order to make every effort so that the student can become a participant in the FESFAP program;

Before contracting, the CONTRACTING PARTY will be conditioned to a prior socio-economic analysis carried out by the Higher Education Institution (HEI), according to its own criteria, by completing the socio-economic questionnaire and check-list, which may be discretionarily changed.

From the moment the Participating Student or his legal guardian adheres to the terms of the general conditions of the FESFAP Program, he will be entitled to make the payment of the percentage not financed by the maintainer, dividing them into monthly installments, as well as making a proposal for the installment of the rest of the program. through the financing program contract.

The STUDENT Contract will be granted by FESFAP upon signature between the CONTRACTING PARTY and IES.

After the student's approval, the CONTRACTING PARTY must sign the Contract and send all the necessary documents to carry out the contracting.

The Contract must be submitted to an annual change due to the readjustment of up to 8.5% according to CRESU's own criteria, thus changing the installments. This procedure will be duly informed in the Contract, and the readjustment will be carried out on the installments of each course offered by the Institution that is included in the Financing Program.

The student's contract is not automatically renewed, due to this readjustment, the renewal will occur at the end of the current year and the beginning of the subsequent year, in order to allow the necessary changes related to the readjustment to be carried out.

The amounts referring to the Student's Contract will be passed on exclusively for the payment of their obligations with the Institution, resulting from the Educational Service Provision Agreement, under the terms of FESFAP.

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