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We are a family owned and operated business.

The Licenciatura em Letras course is, therefore, in the perspective of a professional trainer who should have as basis of their training the ability to think and use, in a conscious and critical way, verbal expressions and other languages ​​in their referential and theoretical contexts. in order to play the “role of a teacher in the guiding role who should be responsible not only for the teaching of syllabus, but also for the quality of the student's training” (Opinion CNE / CES nº 492/01).

In the case of the Literature Course, the development of students' professional skills will be based on the following guiding axes or principles that will permeate the entire curricular organization:

  1. Articulating axis of the different areas of professional knowledge.

  2. Articulating axis of the interaction of communication, as well as the development of intellectual and professional autonomy.

  3. Articulating axis between disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity.

  4. Articulating axis of common formation with specific formation.

  5. Axis articulating the knowledge to be taught and the philosophical, educational and pedagogical knowledge that underlie the educational practice.

  6. Articulating axis of theoretical and practical dimensions.

The Literature Course, degree, Portuguese and English qualification and respective Literatures should provide the future teacher with the mastery of the mother tongue and English as a reference for a pedagogical practice committed to the construction of citizenship. Thus, in language teaching situations, teacher mediation becomes fundamentally important for the development of competencies and skills required by the world of work. It is up to him to organize activities in order to make it possible to establish the relations between language and the social world.

The training of teachers in Portuguese, English and their respective literature should, therefore, make it possible to meet both the demands required by modern society and the needs for citizenship of the subjects who form this society. For this, the teacher must be prepared to develop in the classroom a work that aims to systematize the language internalized by the student, encouraging their verbalization and the mastery of other forms of language use used in other social contexts.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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