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The course operates in the night shift, on a semiannual basis, with 40 (forty) vacancies, offered through selective processes, with semiannual entry, according to Ministerial Decree No. 888 of October 18, 2007, with a total workload of 3,280 (three thousand and two hundred and eighty) hours, equivalent to 163 (one hundred and sixty-three) credits, distributed in interconnected training fields in accordance with CNE / CES Resolution No. 04/05, which institutes the Curricular Guidelines for the Undergraduate Course in Administration. The term for curricular payment corresponds to a minimum of 4 (four) years, equivalent to 8 (eight) academic semesters and a maximum of 6 (six) years, equivalent to 12 (twelve) academic semesters.

The curricular organization of the course contemplates the contents that reveal interrelationships with the national and international reality, according to a historical and contextualized perspective of its applicability in the scope of organizations and the environment through the use of innovative technologies distributed in the following interconnected fields of training:

Basic Training Contents: related to anthropological, sociological, philosophical, psychological, ethical-professional, political, behavioral, economic, accounting and legal sciences studies, as well as those related to communication and information technologies;

Professional Training Contents: related to specific areas, involving theories of management and organizations and the management of human resources, market and marketing, materials, production and logistics, financial and budgeting, information systems, strategic planning and services;

Contents of Quantitative Studies and their Technologies: covering operational research, game theory, mathematical and statistical models and application of technologies that contribute to the definition and use of strategies and procedures inherent to administration;

Complementary Training Contents: Optional studies of a transversal and interdisciplinary nature are considered to enrich the trainee's profile.

The student must attend the elective courses 03 (three), totaling 120 hours to complete the curriculum.

These contents are covered in disciplines in the curricular structure of the Course, as exposed in the framework of the Curriculum Matrix.


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