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As a result of discussions on the trajectory of FAP, as a teacher training institution, and, in view of the changes arising from LDB nº 9.394 / 96, of Resolution CNE / CP nº 01 of 05/15/2006, Opinion CNE / CP nº 03 of 21 / 02/2006, Opinion CNE / CP nº 05 of 04/04/2006 and Opinion CNE / CP nº 09 of 05/12/2007, the Project for the Undergraduate Course in Pedagogy of Early Childhood Education, of the Early Years of the Elementary Education, Professional Education and school services and support, authorized by Ordinance No. 506 of August 17, 2006, based on the current legislation, the aforementioned Resolution and the Curricular Guidelines for Higher Education, with the total workload 3,060 (three thousand and sixty) hours. Of this workload, 880 (eight hundred and eighty) hours correspond to the part of the Core of Basic Studies, 1,620 (one thousand six hundred and twenty) hours to the Core of Deepening and Diversifying Studies, including the 300 (three hundred) hours in Mandatory Curricular Internship, 100 (one hundred) hours of the Center for Integrative Studies and 160 (one hundred and sixty) hours of Elective Disciplines, in 200 (two hundred) school days / year, from Monday to Saturday.

The course operates on day and night shifts, on a semiannual basis, with 400 (four hundred) annual vacancies or 200 (two hundred) semesters, 153 (one hundred and fifty-three) credits, distributed in interconnected training fields according to CNE Resolution / CP No. 01/2006 and the Curricular Guidelines for the Pedagogy Course. The curricular integration corresponds to a minimum of 3 (three) and a half years and a maximum of 6 (six) years, equivalent to 7 (seven) academic semesters and a maximum of 6 (six) years, equivalent to 12 (twelve) ) academic semesters.

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