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On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of June at the State University of Piauí (UESPI), on the Campus Professor Alexandre Alves de Oliveira, in the city of Parnaíba - PI, the III NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM OF PORTUGUESE LETTERS with the theme LANGUAGE STUDIES: language, literature and teaching.

The event aimed to promote a space for reflection and discussion about these three important pillars of the Literature course, to the diverse areas of study and research that they cover. It is worth mentioning that such a theme expresses such value for the student body of Letters and related areas, as well as for teachers of various levels of education for presenting discussions on the Portuguese language, including its literary manifestations, linguistic variants, reading, writing, teaching and research.

FAP's participation took place effectively through the presentation of four activities:

  • CHILDREN'S LITERATURE AS A MEDIATION DEVICE IN PROMOTING THE HOSPITALIZED CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT (and Jeciely Aguiar Da Silva - Students of the Pedagogy Course - Orientation: Esp. Teacher);

  • MUSIC AS A LEARNING INSTRUMENT (José de Alencar Santos de Araújo; Karina Mendes Bastos; Safyra Mara da Silva Cardoso - Students of the Literature course - Orientation: Professor Ms. Marco Aurélio da Silva).

  • PROCESS OF FORMATION OF WORDS AND THE CONSTRUCTION OF NEW SENSES (José de Alencar Santos de Araújo; Karina Mendes Bastos; Safyra Mara da Silva Cardoso - Students of the Literature course - Orientation: Professor Ms. Marco Aurélio da Silva);

  • SOCIOLINGUISTICS: MAN AND LANGUAGE IN USE (Professor Ms. Katiane Alyne de Souza Ribeiro da Silva - Professor of the Language course);

Restlessness, the habit of always looking for the new, are characteristics inherent to human nature, given that today there is no room for comfort.

As time goes by, mankind has become more and more unhappy with the ready answers that the universe provides him, given that, he always lives in search of his own answers, through the bias of science.

Being in touch with the research is the same as saying "I am part of this universe" or "I am in tune with the moment". In this context, FAP, for 12 years, has provided the entire academic community with this experience with the world of science, therefore, the participation of this HEI in the III NATIONAL SIMPÓSIO DE LETRAS PORTUGUÊS is another example of the works that are developed in our institution.


I am Rodrigo Mesquita de Carvalho, student of the 7th period of the FAP Literature course.

“The event was very profitable. Mini courses and workshops with interesting and very current themes. The discussions in the round tables always with high quality and specific scores in the areas in question, mainly in the research area. This is largely due to the level of the guests at the debates held and who contributed to the academic growth of each one who can honor that event.

Although it was profitable, the event had some flaws. The organization sinned on some points, such as, for example, the hasty relocation of some workshops and short courses to centers far from the University. This logistical issue made it difficult for the participants, especially those who were not from the city. Another flaw that deserves to be highlighted was the inadequate structure that the University presented, more precisely in the non-availability of drinking fountains sufficiently proportional to the size of the event. Not to mention that the bathrooms were not well maintained.

Apart from these setbacks, the balance of the Symposium was positive. It was noticed that the students worked hard for its realization and that the teachers were excited for future editions. Participation in this event, combined with the climate of a city that breathes study and research, awakens in academics a giant spirit for the presence in other events of this size and of this importance ”.

I'm Safhira Cardoso, graduating from the Language course

"We created a block and a certain" prejudice "in learning other languages because we found them difficult without even knowing them. In the mini-course given by Prof. Luíza de Marilac, entitled" An immersion in plurilingualism: reading and understanding texts in Romance languages. ”, I could see how vast the language is and that I can learn other languages, just break this prejudice and believe in my potential.

The workshop given by Profº. Me. Allan Andrade, entitled “The discourse of violence in the written media” was another moment of the Symposium of extreme learning. It was surprising to notice, analyze and criticize how much violence, whatever it may be, is inserted in the media and goes unnoticed before our eyes.

But the highlight of this event was that I was graced with the acceptance of two of my works to be presented on posters. A new world that sparked my interest and made me want to “kill curiosity”. It is interesting to realize that to reach bigger flights it depends only on ourselves. I never imagined presenting work at an academic event, much less at a national event like this one. Not wanting to boast, but I hope that my attitude will serve as an example for the other students. Trust yourself and your ability! The learning is huge and the experience is exceptional!

I'm José de Alencar Santos de Araújo, a graduate student in the Language course

"This event positively influenced my view of the importance of being open to new experiences, where the academic environment is favorable to the proliferation of ideas that, together, can create new concepts and views on a certain subject. Therefore, it is essential that we are willing to leave from our comfort zone and we set out in search of new knowledge that will influence the way we see the world ".

I'm Katiane Alyne Ribeiro, professor of the Letters course at FAP.

"Participating in the III National Symposium on Portuguese Letters was a very fruitful experience. I was able to exchange ideas, expose concerns about language with unknown people and from different regions of the country, but that we became very close when we realized that we have similar visions and, at the same time. at the same time, different with regard to the object of study of that event. To live the academy is to be part of moments like these that were provided by this Symposium. The participation of our students in the activities that dealt with the program of this meeting is very proud of us. FAP presented 4 (four) activities (2 panels and 2 oral communications) in this event that has a national extension. Realizing that our students have lived the academy with maturity is one of our greatest achievements, and our commitment is to encourage them, even more, to produce science by inviting them to participate actively in the world of research. "

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