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When implementing the Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, FAP proposes to train reflective professionals who analyze, decipher and act on the multiple manifestations of the social issue, as well as plan, implement and evaluate social policies, plans, programs and projects, constituting up:

  • Generalist professional, with theoretical, methodological and political skills, referenced in the knowledge of Social Sciences and Social Theory of Marx, with the capacity for critical and purposeful analysis in the various socio-institutional spaces;

  • Professional who seeks to respond to the socio-historical demands of users of social services, respecting and committing to the values and guiding principles of the Social Worker's Code of Ethics;

Therefore, professionals should be based on a theoretical-practical framework, necessary for the performance of professional practice in public and private bodies, in a competent manner, thus favoring the practice of critical reflection on topics and issues related to socio-historical and methodological knowledge. , in the light of different theories. Therefore, the work must be committed to investigative practice, to the production and dissemination of systematized knowledge and to the formation of citizens, thus enabling them to consciously participate in the evolution of the current world.

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