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We are a family owned and operated business.

NUPEX has its Research Ethics Committee (CEP), which is formed from the following members:

  • Master Professor Raimunda Nonata Fortes Braga (CEP Coordinator);

  • Alice Hellen Santos Gomes (FAP Librarian);

  • Master Teacher Cleane de Jesus Costa (Coordinator of the Literature Course);

  • Master Professor Francisca Jacira Freire (Representative of the teachers of the bachelor's courses);

  • Master Professor Priscilla Viviane de Sousa Carvalho (Representative of teachers of undergraduate courses);

  • Master Professor Francinalda Araújo e Silva (CPA Representative);

  • Professor Dr. Régis Catarino da Hora, (Adjunct Professor at the Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA) at the Center for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, from the city of Chapadinha-MA - member of the external community).


We are a family owned and operated business.

Regarding research, NUPEX aims to:

  • Define lines of research and extension that are related to FAP's undergraduate courses and relevant to local society;

  • Promote meetings, seminars, courses, lecture cycles, scientific exhibitions;

  • Discuss research and extension projects always with a critical eye and, when necessary, present suggestions in relation to them and approve them;

  • Enable agreements with funding agencies for research and / or extension, both in public and private institutions;

  • Carry out a semiannual survey of all research and / or extension projects that are being carried out at FAP by teachers and students;

  • Promote the integration between NUPEX and the Collegiate of the FAP courses in order to get them to monitor and evaluate the projects in progress;

  • Monitor the development of projects carried out by teachers and students providing the support and guidance that are necessary;

  • Disseminate, disseminate and facilitate the publication of research, studies carried out at FAP for the academic community;

  • Define all ethical bases that will guide all research activities carried out with FAP.


We are a family owned and operated business.

Institutional policies for teaching, research and extension are materialized in programs and respective projects - relevant to the quality of didactic-academic processes and internal and external work relations.

These programs, listed below, are coordinated by the Academic Directorate, and the projects by the Coordinators of Undergraduate Courses have the participation of teachers and students. Are they:

  • Community Extension and Articulation Program;

  • Interinstitutional Cooperation Program;

  • Student Community Support Program;

  • Infrastructure and Media Improvement Program;

  • Teacher Training and Research Program.


We are a family owned and operated business.

The main research projects developed are integrated with the actions and projects of teaching and extension and refer to support for teacher training for research and for scientific initiation, whose objectives refer to the insertion of teachers in graduate programs or preferably and the formation of study and research groups, which encourage and guide scientific initiation in the institution.


Research Lines of the Pedagogy Course

  • LP1CP - Curriculum, Practices and Teaching Methodologies;

  • LP2CP - Teaching knowledge, Professional and continuing training;

  • LP3CP - Public Policies, Educational Management and School Management;

  • LP4CP - School, Culture and Society.

Lines of Research of the Literature Course

  • LP1CL - Teaching Practices and Methodologies (in Portuguese, Reading and Writing Practices, TICS);

  • LP2CL - School, Literature and Reading;

  • LP3CL - Sociolinguistics and linguistic varieties: identities and cultures.

Research Lines of the Social Work Course

  • LP1CSS - Institutions, Social Classes and Social Policies;

  • LP2CSS - Urban themes;

  • LP3CSS - Social movements, human rights, culture and society.

Lines of Research of the Administration Course

  • LP1CA - Marketing / Marketing Administration;

  • LP2CA - Human Resources Administration / People Management and Organizational Management;

  • LP3CA - Administration Process and Production System.

Research Lines of the Accounting Sciences Course

  • LP1CCC - Accounting and Financial Market;

  • LP2CCC - Accounting for Decision Making;

  • LP3CCC - Impacts of Accounting on Society and Government.

We are a family owned and operated business.


We are a family owned and operated business.

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