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FAP will accept, at the limit of places, transferring students from other colleges. After the curricular adaptations and obeying the legal and regimental requirements, it will be necessary to present the following documentation:

External Transfer

  • Updated School History of the institution of origin (original);

  • Certificate of Studies for non-enrolled students (original);

  • Attestation of Bond * (not mandatory if there is a link in the School Transcript);

  • Teaching plans for courses taken and approved, authenticated by the institution of origin (originals);

  • Statement of the student's situation with Enade;

  • Declaration of evaluation criteria at the institution of origin;

  • Declaration of authorization or recognition of the course by the MEC of the institution of origin.

  • Identity Card (original and copy).

In the case of a candidate for a Higher Education Institution with a foreign language, all academic documentation listed above must be translated into Portuguese by an official translator.

Students enrolled in sequential courses may not apply.

Documents required for registration

Candidates summoned, at the time of registration, will be required to have the following documents, together with the original for the conference:

  • 1 (one) legible copy of the Identity Card;

  • 1 (one) legible copy of the Voter Registration Card;

  • 1 (one) legible copy of the Certificate of Reservist or Military Enlistment (required only for male candidates);

  • 1 (one) legible copy of the Birth or Marriage Certificate;

  • 1 (one) legible copy of the CPF;

  • 1 (one) legible copy of the Certificate of Completion of high school or equivalent;

  • 1 (one) legible copy of the Complete High School transcript;

  • 1 (one) 3x4 photo (recent);

  • 1 (one) legible copy of proof of residence.

The enrollment of students under 18 (eighteen) years old must be signed by their legal representative, and 01 (one) copy of their CPF, RG and proof of residence must be attached.

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